Photography by Glen

Wedding Photography

in Kona, Hawaii

I love to shoot relaxed, easy-going, fun, and candid weddings. Let’s hang loose together and party on your big day! I always give my all regardless of the size of your wedding — big, small, or somewhere in between. You’ll see pictures of all the best moments of your day!

I like to focus on the people, not the venue. I like simple, low-key, intimate weddings. That way we can center on the couple and family and wedding instead of the venue. Save your money! There’s no need to spend $$$ on a venue when you can get perfect photos on a beautiful Kona, Hawaii beach.

You shouldn’t have to pay top dollar because it’s a wedding, so there isn’t a wedding surcharge for my services. I want to save you money. I charge people what I’d be comfortable paying myself. I want to sleep well at night with what I charged you, and I want you to sleep well know that I charged you as if you’re family. Making real connections and building relationships is what’s most important to me. It’s what I value in my work and ensures you get the best possible pictures.

Pricing: Wedding Photography Packages start at $325